Sell Your Bitcoin & Giftcards With Ease

We give you easy access to Buy and Sell BTC, ETH, USDT, Giftcard & Perfect Money

Some Call it Magic, We call it Convenience!


SELL: 1000 | BUY: 900


SELL: 755 | BUY: 775


SELL: 760 | BUY: 775

Experts Support

Our customer support service is awesome to ensure everything is working great for our customer.

Easy to use

We designed the platform to be simple and easy to use. The simpler the better.

Mobile Apps

We are building mobile apps to ensure quicker access and security for our users.

Our platform is designed with security in mind to ensure data privacy of our users.

Let's start trading easily

Walter Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange service for exchanging your cryptocurrency and Giftcard to fiat or vice versa at swift and affordable rate. We understand that you need the best money value for your assets and we play to that.

Beginner Friendly

Walter Exchange offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface. No sign ups. Straight up trades and business.

Best Rates

We offer the best rates in Africa. No hidden charges. No extra charges. We operate in a very simple way.

Instant Payment

We offer a swift and seamless payment. You initiate trade and you get your payment same minute.

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